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Senior Year Updates

This year, sadly due to COVID-19, we are not allowed in our new shop yet, which is really sad because I help set up the computers for the shop over the summer. A couple days a week, every week for the month of July, I would go into the Robotics and Engineering shop, obviously safely with a mask on and keeping distance from everyone. For 4-5 hours a day, I would build the computers for our new shop. My friend and I built a total of 22 computers, and I probably built closer to 15 of the computers since my schedule was open.

Once school started, we have split what we work on every day for robotics. Half the week, we work on CAD projects, and the other half of the week we work on code assignments. For CAD, we have just had a bunch of daily assignments to create, such as a light bulb or a phone case. For code, we had a bunch of different drawing to create that increment a new function of code in each one to teach us the kind of basics in code.

Above is the pictures of many of the projects we are working on.

Here is also the link the my coding profile:


Corona Week 10

This week for CAD, we had to create a vase using forms and circular patterns. I created a really long thing vase with no twists but I think it came out really cool. It was quite a simple week so I don’t know what else to put.

For coding we had to create a dot or square or something that moved when we input certain key clicks. I made a green circle that moved 1/10th of the page every click. I also used WASD instead of the arrow keys just because it is more similar to video games.

Corona Week 9

This Week for CAD, we had to create a model of EVE from Wall-E. I have yet to make it but will be doing it either tonight or tomorrow. I had a rough weekend and could not focus on any of my school work. For Coding, we had to create an array of circles and I made a very basic array that are almost random colors, but each red, green, and blue value is some combination of the x and y values I had. Here is what it looked like.

Corona Week 8

For this week in CAD, we had to use the form function to create the Fusion 360 logo. My form was being a bit weird so I was never able to turn it into a fully solid body, but it still came out quite well. Here it is:

For coding we had to create a canvas with a slider that either increased the number of circles drawn or increased the size of the circles. I chose to increase the size of the circles. I had 18 green circles on my canvas that got bigger or smaller depending on the position of the slider.

Corona Week 7

This week for CAD, our assignment was to design something based on a real life object and take a picture of both to compare. I however did the opposite, where I designed something I needed to build for my room, then build it. I needed to create a small extension to my desk to hold my second monitor and other things such as my headphones so I created that. For code, we had to create a clock that could tell the time with no number, so I used roman numerals. I had a little trouble thinking of how to actually portray the time, but I got a little bit of inspiration from my classmate Oscar.

The desk I created. Unpainted due to lack of daylight.

Corona Week 6

This week for Fusion, we learned how to make gear in CAD. We did this by using an add in that added a pretty standard gear into the sketch. We then edited the dimensions of the gear so the cog wasn’t super big and added a second gear with a 2:1 ratio. We then created a base for the gears to spin on and turned the gear into a component, allowing us to turn the two into a moving joint that rotate how gears would in real life. For code, we had to create some sort of moving line art. I created lines that would infinitely duplicate around a center point, then moved the center point twice, created three sort of infinitely crossing and duplicating lines.

Corona Week 5

This week in fusion we finished the canoe build by turning all of the bodies into components and mirrored everything to be a full canoe. My canoe had sort of a weird shape but that doesn’t matter that much. For coding, we had to update our smiley face to have the pupils follow the cursor. I had to created a new smiley face since my pupils were more than just circles and we more crescent shaped, but after that, I figured our mostly well how to have the eyes track the mouse.

Week 4 of Corona Virus

This week we continued to add features of our cardboard canoe. Last week we created the outer shell of the canoe. This week we added ribs and created and inner shell where the person would be sitting to row. For coding, we had to make a smiley face and I created my piece which is called humpty dumpty if he had not fallen. I did this by using a lot of quadratic vertexes and circles and ellipses. I really like how it came out and think he looks really fun.

Week 3 of Corona

This week for CAD, I had to design a cardboard canoe using splines. This was for a cardboard canoe races at our local pond, but that was sadly. But next year, I will have the best designed canoe. For Coding, we were supposed to make a ball that bounced around the screen randomly. Originally I couldn’t figure out how to do it but then I figured it out and I have a small ball speedily bouncing around the screen.

Corona-cation Assignments

Since the quarantine due to the COVID-19 Outbreak, my robotics teachers have started giving us weekly code and fusion challenges to complete. This week in fusion, we had to create a joint component that performed a motion. I created a wheel that acted like a piston and pulled a shaft back and forth. The coding challenge to was make an image change based on the cursor. I created a code that stretched or compressed an image file i added based on where the mouse cursor moved.